Our dream is to bring together like minded individuals and to encourage more people to get out and explore what they're passionate about.

DARE TO DREAM originated from the Mountain-Biking scene. We wanted to create a brand that resonated with like minded people that share the same values as us. And that don't take life too seriously and to enjoy what they love doing.

So wether you're passionate about bikes, snow sports, water sports the outdoors or everything in-between, we are here to make sure you represent your passion the right way.

#Dare To Be Different #only you can reach your peak

We are a UK based company and we pride ourselves on delivering you the best possible service. We as riders have a deep-rooted desire to escape and explore that's how some of the best memories have been made.

Whether it's escaping out to your local spot for some epic riding or escaping the 9-5 on the weekend. There’s no better feeling than sharing the same passion with like minded people.